Mugabe Will Not Appoint, Groom Successor – VP

A cartoon of Zimbabwe succession politics.

President Robert Mugabe’s successor will be chosen in a secret ballot at the ruling Zanu PF’s elective Congress, his deputy, Emmerson Mnangagwa who reportedly leads a faction angling for the presidency has said.

Mnangwagwa said Mugabe will not choose his successor, nor will he groom one, also denied reports of factionalism and infighting in the former guerrilla movement over who will succeed the 94 year old leader – Africa’s oldest.

“…Then there is the question of succession. Our succession in Zanu PF, whoever becomes President of Zanu PF does so at Congress of Zanu PF.

“The President does not groom anybody or appoint anybody as President, no. We go for Congress,” the Vice President is quoted saying by the state owned weekly, The Sunday Mail.

Mugabe – who now rarely spends his time in Zimbabwe choosing to attend high and low key conferences or seeking medical treatment in the Far East – has refused to step down despite mounting calls to do so.

His Zanu PF party has chosen him as their presidential candidate despite clear signs of ill health and old age is taking toll on him – struggling to walk and falling asleep in public.

Mugabe’s wife, Grace – who reportedly is also angling for the top post – has even made bizarre claims that even if the fierce black empowerment advocate dies, he will continue ruling Zimbabwe from his grave.

Grace reportedly fronts a faction named the G40 which is at ‘war’ with a Mnangagwa led grouping, mostly consisting of former freedom fighters.

During his 94th birthday celebrations held in Matopo, Matabeleland South last month, Mugabe declared that he is not going anywhere.