PHOTOS: Chaos Erupt at Cape Town Station After Major Train Delays

Angry commuters damaged cars at Cape Town Station.

Angry commuters have gone on a violent rampage at the Cape Town train station after being stranded because of major disruptions and delays on several lines.

There have been widespread cancellations and delays at the train station due to a suspected electrical fault.

Commuters, mostly from work, had to wait for hours to get into the trains while others had to find alternative transport to their homes.

The anger has been fueled by the severe weather conditions which made it unbearable for commuters to wait long in the open.

Eyewitnesses say people got very angry following unreasonable delays prompting them to start looting nearby shops, break cars and destroy property.

When Allnetafrica arrived at the train station, police were visible trying to calm the tense situation and restore order.

Doors and glass damaged at Cape Town Station.
Police arrived to Calm the situation.
Part of the damage caused by angry commuters.