A Call For Peaceful Transition in Angola

Angola goes to Polls

Luanda – The former president of the Republic of Mozambique, Joaquim Chissano, congratulated the Angolan President, José Eduardo dos Santos, on being able to make a peaceful transition in the country and deserve the full support of the people of Angola.
“President José Eduardo dos Santos deserves all the praise, because he turned a country ruined by war into a prosperous nation, introducing, in time, the necessary reforms, especially in the diversification of the economy”, the former statesman said at the end of a meeting with the Chairperson of the National Electoral Commission (CNE), André da Silva Neto.
“There’s a lot you can see with the naked eye. Despite not visiting many provinces personally, the growth of the country is visible, where tourism is also showing its importance, so it is a deep diversification that brings a better well-being of the people”, he said.
Speaking as an international observer in the election on August 23, Joaquim Chissano said that the Angolan Head of State is making a peaceful transition. “He took the decision he made because he thought it was a good time for the Angolans. I also did the same when I was convinced it was time to retire”, he said.
As for his activity in the country, the Mozambican said he has received information that the election campaign has been carried out satisfactorily, without major disturbances.
He was impressed by the technology made available to the National Electoral Commission, which gives guarantees of transparency in the process.
“As we are talking about elections in Africa, we are going to observe with total attention, with impartiality. I am a friend of the Angolans, we want to have a development of democracy, both in Angola and in Africa”, he said.
For the general election of August 23, it was registered in the country 9.317.294 voters.
The political parties of MPLA, UNITA, PRS, FNLA and APN, as well as the coalition CASA-CE will participate in the election.