#ThisFlag Pastor Mawarire Warns Mugabe of God’s Wrath

#ThisFlag Campaign Activist Evan Mawarire

Zimbabwean cleric Evans Mawarire of #ThisFlag campaign has said government authorities would have killed him to silence him but declares that he will not stop talking against the socio-economic ills facing fellow locals.
Mawarire warned President Robert Mugabe and his cabinet ministers of God’s wrath for causing untold suffering to Zimbabweans who are being forced to risk life crossing the crocodile infested Limpopo River to seek a better life in South Africa.
“What crime did we commit to be treated the way we are treated?
I am a man of God and people have said as a man of God you shouldn’t say these things but It is the very Bible that tells you and me that when you see wrong being done confront it and condemn it,” Mawarire said in a recent video post to Zimbabweans.
The cleric became popular after using the Zimbabwean flag to appeal to locals to stage protests against the deteriorating social and economic situation.
He was arrested for using #ThisFlag campaign to allegedly subvert a constitutionally elected government. Mawarire is also accused of inciting public violence and insulting the national flag.
“I want to warn you today that God is not a fool. Let me speak now as a man of God, this God is not an idiot. I want to ask the powers that be, the President, please sir we are struggling in this country, don’t you get that?
“…you want people to start dying in the street for you to know that there is a problem. May God help us…We are praying that God will helps us. He will help us in this country. People like me, you are going to have to kill me. I am not shutting up.”
The cleric did not spare Mugabe’s stepson Russell Goreraza also warning him of God’s punishment for giving a middle finger at long suffering Zimbabweans to import two Rolls Royce limousines worth about $5,4million.
“How does somebody two Rolls Royce worth over $5million of where there is 90 percent unemployment. I don’t hate you (Goreraza), but you cannot do what you are doing. I want to tell you today, the judgement of God for the wrong you are doing to his people is going to be harsh and heavy on you.”