‘Blood-Sucking’ Vampire Scare in Malawi

Vampire scare in Malawi

The United Nations has reportedly withdrawn its workers from the southern parts of Malawi due to fears of suspected vampires sucking people’s blood.

The Department on Safety and Security is quoted in the Nyasa Times confirming the move to pull out staff from ”vampire areas” of Mulanje and Phalombe.

Villagers in the affected districts have been searching for alleged vampires.

The districts have severely been affected by the ongoing stories of blood sucking and possible existence of vampires, according to reports.

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Despite the frequent appearances of vampires in popular culture, there is no real evidence of their existance in Malawi. However, widespread belief in witchcraft  perpetuates paranoia over vampirism.

Belief in witchcraft in Malawi—one of the world’s poorest countries—has also led to frequent violence against albinos, a trend Amnesty International recently described as a “human rights crisis.”