Somali Forces Kill Iranian Captain, Sailor

Somali Security Forces (File Photo).

Mogadishu – SOMALI security forces have killed an Iranian captain of a fishing boat and another sailor in an operation in the Indian Ocean.

A report in the Voice of America (VOA) said the security forces suspected the Iranian captain and sailor of fishing illegally in Simali waters.

Colonel Mohamed Abdi Hashi of Puntland police told VOA Somali the two boats ignored orders to stop and attempted to escape.

“Our security forces were conducting an operation on October 6, they encountered two illegal fishing boats off Ras Hafun coast. When they tried to stop them in order to check their permits they escaped,” Hashi said.

“They managed to seize one of the boats, the other one escaped.”

Colonel Hashi said during the shooting captain Haydar Abdalla Sabiil of the vessel Al-Sa’idi was killed and a second sailor was injured, 16 others are unharmed and were apprehended, he said.

Illegal fishing in Somali waters occurs often according to maritime organizations. Most of the boats illegally fishing in Somali waters come from Iran, Yemen, China and number of Southeast Asian countries, according to the organizations.

A 2015 report by the U.S.-based watchdog, Secure Fisheries, says foreign fishing boats caught more than 132,000 metric tons of fish off Somalia in each of 2013 and 2014, while local fishermen caught only 40,000 metric tons. In monetary terms, foreign vessels have out earned their Somali counterparts by nearly $250 million per year, the report said.

Other maritime organizations have often warned illegal fishing sparks increases of piracy activities in Somalia waters.