Cholera Spreads in Zambia’s Capital

(File Photo: MSF)

Lusaka – Zambian health authorities have reported a spread of cholera since the outbreak of the disease was declared in the country last week.

Health ministry spokesperson, Maximillian Bweupe said laboratory tests confirm 32 cholera cases in the capital Lusaka, and Chisamba area from an initial two recorded on October 4.

“I wish to inform the nation through you media houses that currently, there are confirmed cases of Cholera in Chipata, Mazyopa, Kanyama, Ngombe compounds in Lusaka District and Kasenga village in Chisamba District.

“As of 10th October 06:00 AM, the cumulative number of cases was 32, with the youngest being a 3-month old baby who was certified dead within a few minutes of arrival,” Bweupe told journalists at a media briefing.

Zambia battles cholera every year.In 2010, the highly communicable disease which causes severe vomiting and diarrhoea and is lethal claimed over 150 lives, while thousands were infected throughout the country