Hippo Kills Zimbabwean Border-Jumper in Limpopo

A border-jumper crosses into South Africa (file photo).

A Zimbabwean Border-jumper has been killed hippo attack while trying to cross into South Africa illegally.

A police spokesperson told the state-run Chronicle that the man’s body was found by a council worker near Beitbridge Town.

The man is alleged to have been attacked along an illegal footpath crossing Limpopo River.

The spokesperson, Philisani Ndebele, said that the area is rich in wild animals including hippos.

This is the third reported attack of a hippo on a border jumper in the Limpopo River in recent months.

Two years ago, three people, including a child, were killed by a hippo, also near Beitbridge, as they tried to cross illegally into South Africa.

A lot of Zimbabwean illegal immigrants risk crossing the crocodile-infested Limpopo river as they escape biting economic situation in to neighbouring South Africa.

President Robert Mugabe’s poor policies have forced many Zimbabweans to flee their country and  seek refuge in other countries.

Over two million Zimbabweans are believed to be staying in South Africa.