‘God Postponed Mugabe’s Death’ – Top Pastor

Zimbabwe's Former President Robert Mugabe.

Harare – A Zimbabwean pastor, Philip Mugadza has claimed that God has postponed President Robert Mugabe’s death to a yet to be specified date.

Mugadza is standing trial for his January “prophecy” saying Mugabe will die on October 17.

The cleric is quoted in a local daily saying God has changed his mind, and postponed Mugabe’s death.

“About three days ago, I received word from God saying that the death of President Mugabe has been postponed to a later date which is not specific,” Mugadza is quoted saying.

“It’s not like I have been praying so that he goes to prove myself right, but this is the word of God and it has to delivered as it is.”

Mugadza is charged with undermining the authority of the president, then “criminal nuisance” for his Mugabe death prophecy.

This is not Mugadza’s first brush with the law.

In 2005, he was arrested and detained for nearly a month after holding a placard telling Mugabe his people were suffering under his rule.

And on Zimbabwe’s Independence Day last year, he gave a sermon while tied to a lamp post in Harare’s main shopping mall, saying the act symbolised the lack of freedom in the country.

Last September, the president was rumoured to have died after he reportedly cut short his attendance of an AU summit to fly to Dubai for a health check.

Mugabe later joked about the rumours, saying he indeed died but was only resurrected.