Moti Group to Expand Operations in Zimbabwe

Ashruf Kaka Chief Advisor – Moti Group, Chief Executive Officer (Allnet Africa).

The African Chrome Fields company (AFC) has confirmed plans to increase foothold in Zimbabwe by expanding into gold and diamond mining.

The company which braved the hostile investment climate under the then President Robert Mugabe said that, the environment has improved since the formation of the new government and nothing can now stop it from spreading wings.

In a wide-ranging interview with Allnet Africa in Cape Town, Group CEO Ashruf Kaka said the company ”will now be investing in a big way, in the gold, diamond industry, in  agriculture and diversification will be our game.”

“We are supporting the government’s initiative that Zimbabwe is now open for business and we have been ambassadors for Zimbabwe during difficult times.”

“Zimbabwe has hardworking people to ensure that when you invest, you have the right manpower to improve productivity,” Kaka said.

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The company whose main operations have been concentrated in the midlands region will now be working with small scale miners across the country and assist them in line with government policy.

African Chrome Fields has spearheaded projects which are meant to uplift the communities in which they operate as part of the company’s corporate social investment.

In midlands, the mining giant has implemented an infrastructure development programme which has seen the construction and maintenance of over 100 km stretch of road, drilling of boreholes, refurbishment of a local clinic and the construction of houses for over 900 of its employees.

The group’s legal advisor, Bianca Waskow said now the company will be working with local farmers as a way of empowering them.

”Most recently we engaged the ministry of education for the introduction of mobile container schools in rural areas. This deal will be finalised in May 2018. On top of this, the company will commission containers for an IT Solution with improved internet access”, Waskow added.

ACF mines and processes alluvial chromite ore along the Great Dyke Region and was awarded the prestigious National Project Status by the Zimbabwean Government in 2015..

By Sponsoring the breakfast event in Cape Town African Chrome Fields said it wants to promote the government’s intention to declare the country open for business and encourage trade and investment.