U.S Not Shutting Down Embassy After Mozambique Terror Attacks

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (file photo).

Maputo: THE United States has dismissed reports it is closing its Mozambican Embassy following recent terrorist attacks in the north of the country.

Reports have been circulating that the US Mission in Mozambique was drawing down its services, staffing and activities.
“The rumour that the United States is planning to close its Embassy in Mozambique could not be further from the truth,” the US Embassy said in a press release.

“Our engagement with the government of Mozambique and other partners to advance our shared priorities in the security, health and prosperity of our citizens is as robust ever. President (Donald) Trump has issued no statements suggesting a change in our diplomatic posture.”

The Embassy said its “$400 million annual investment in assistance for the benefit of the people of Mozambique remains unchanged and we are not drawing down services, staffing, or activities”.