Zambian Opposition Calls For Anti-Govt Protests

Zambian opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema (File Photo).

Lusaka: Opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema has urged fellow countrymen to rise up against President Edgar Lungu’s government for allegedly imposing a coterie of taxes impoverishing the poor.

“This is time to get rid of the (ruling) PF burden and together as citizens we must stand up and reclaim our country.

“Fellow Zambians, it’s time to say: enough is enough! We have better alternatives than this PF government that will stop at nothing to suck the little you have as citizens for its own benefit,” Hichilema told the media at a press conference.

In July 2017, Lungu declared a state of emergency in response to a series of protests and alleged arson attacks when political tensions were high over the detention of Hichilema.

Zambia was at the time on the edge over the arrest and detention of Hichilema over treason charges.

Authorities charged Hichilema with treason for allegedly attempting to block Lungu’s motorcade, threatening his security.

“Zambians wake up,” Hichilema said

“This is not ending anytime soon. If we let this go on unabated, the PF will reach 100% taxation on your income, not for them to give you free education, health care and water, but for them to buy personal to holder Landcruisers. Rise up.”