Swazi Police Fire Stun Grenades at Protesting State Workers, Several Injured

Swazi Police ( File Photo).

Mbabane: ESwatini anti-riot police reportedly fired stun grenades at protesting state workers demanding a salary increment, leaving a number nursing injuries.

State workers announced a job-boycott beginning Tuesday protesting a stalemate in wage negotiations.

The Trade Union Congress of Swaziland (TUCOSWA) defied an order by Prime Minister Vincent Mhlanga to abort the protests, resulting in clashes with the police.

Police fired stun grenades and teargas while also spraying the protesters with water cannons in a bid to disperse them.

Some of the injured people were assaulted, while it is suspected that others were shot with rubber bullets.

Source: APA, The Swaziland Times and Additional Reporting by AllNetAfrica