Zimbabwe Minister Donates Salary to The Poor

Industry and Commerce Deputy minister Rajesh Modi.

Harare – A Zimbabwean minister has started donating his salary to the needy after he pledged not to touch a single cent of his monthly pay during his term in office.

Industry and Commerce Deputy minister Rajesh Modi used his October salary to pay medical bills for a woman who suffered a stroke, local media reports said.

“I am making an undertaking to donate my entire salary every month to the needy. I will not touch or use a cent from that money,” Modi told local media.

“It (salary) will go to the poor, especially the children whom I love so much. I will also give to women, orphans, the elderly and people living with disabilities.

“Someone will remember me for one small deed in their life, and being able to help someone makes me happy. That is what drives me to philanthropy.”

It is a first in years for a Zimbabwean minister – most of whom are notoriously known their unbridled love for the finest things and corruption – to donate a salary.

A number of ministers in President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government have been implicated in graft charges involving several millions of dollars.