Militants Attack Village in Mozambique

Mozambican Police (File Photo).

Maputo: ARMED militants killed one person and seriously injured another in northern Mozambique last week, reports said.

According to Lusa, the armed militants fired gunshots and used machetes in the Tuesday night terror attack in the village of Nacutuco, close to Mucojo, Macomia district.

The description of the attack is similar to those seen in a bout of attacks a year ago in the region, in a wave of violence in remote locations of Cabo Delgado that, after a period of relative calm, has seen a revival this month.

Six men were found dead in the middle of the woods in the Nangade district near the border with Tanzania on 12 November, after they had gone out to hunt, and their bodies showed signs of a machete attack.

On 22 November an armed group killed nine people and burned down houses in a village in the same Nangade district.

In the last 12 months, according to official figures, about 100 people have died, including residents, alleged attackers and members of the security forces.

The wave of violence in Cabo Delgado (2,000 kilometres north of Maputo, in the far north of Mozambique, near the border with Tanzania) came to attention following an armed attack on police stations in Mocímboa da Praia in October 2017.

Source: Lusa