Mozambican Community Fights Chinese Miner

Mozambic an Community Members ( LUSA).

Communities in the areas covered by the heavy sands concession of the Chinese company Haiyu Mozambique Mining, in northern Mozambique, are demanding the payment of fair compensation for the loss of land, the Mozambican civil society news agency CIVILIMO said on Friday.

The inhabitants of the concession area, in the district of Angoche, accuse the Mozambican government and Haiyu Mozambique Mining of ignoring public consultations for the implementation of the project, in violation of the law, CIVILIMO said.

The population’s complaints were made during a meeting with representatives of the government and the company.

“Mozambique’s government has been an accomplice in the law violations and now promises to correct it,” the publication said.

Haiyu Mozambique Mining Co, Lda began its operations in Angoche in 2011 without complying with various legal obligations, including consultations, community participation and the establishment of criteria for damage compensation.

The company began without resettlement plans of the communities in the area of heavy sands exploration.

The news agency quoted Angoche’s administrator, Rodrigo Ussene, who admitted that authorities ignored legally required procedures in the implementation of natural resource exploitation projects, justifying it with the eagerness of developing the country.

CIVILIMO accuses the company of destroying the plant and aquatic ecosystems of the coastal area where it extracts the heavy sands.

The representative of the company, Amilcar Marremula, acknowledged that they had broken the law and apologised for the situation.

Source: Lusa