Zimbabwe Doctors Call Off Strike Action – Reports

Parirenyatwa Hospital in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Harare: Medical doctors have called off a month-long crippling strike which had paralysed state health institutions, reports in the state media on Friday said.

This comes after the Government threatened to fire or suspend striking doctors and hire both local and foreign ones.

Students who completed their five year programmes from universities have been encouraged to apply while foreign medical doctors who also met local regulations and were ready for internship are also eligible for recruitment.

Doctors have reportedly called off the industrial action following a meeting with First Lady Auxuilia Mnangagwa at State House on Friday.

Details of the meeting are not yet clear.

Doctors went on strike on December 1 protesting poor pay and working conditions and lack of essential equipment at public hospitals.

They were joined by other health personnel such as nurses, registrars and surgeons, knocking the public health sector to its knees.

The doctors had vowed that they would not return to work despite the Courts declaring the strike action illegal.