Mnangagwa Targets Litter-Free Zimbabwe by Year-End

President Emmerson Mnangagwa Leads the Clean Up Campaign.

Harare: PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa is targeting a litter-free Zimbabwe by year-end, he said after participating in a clean-up campaign in the capital, Harare.

First Lady, Auxilia is the patron of the patron and Ambassador of the National Clean-Up campaign launched by Mnangagwa in December last year.

It falls on the first Friday of each month.

“Our vision is that in our country by end of this year you will not see litter. It should be a culture for every Zimbabwean,” Mnangagwa is quoted saying in the state owned media.

“We need not just wait for the first Friday of the beginning of the month, but every day one should ensure that his or her environment is clean. It has to be a culture.”

The country’s environmental laws criminalise littering by individuals and companies, particularly those in the retailing and advertising industry.

The laws also prohibit littering by motorists and vehicle passengers.

Throwing litter off vehicles, which has now become common practice, attracts “a US$20 fine or three months imprisonment or both such fine and imprisonment,” states the Environmental Management Agency.

The law also stipulates that passenger vehicles must have litter bins for use by their passengers, failure of which they must pay the US$20 fine.