South Africa’s Disco King Dan Tshanda Dies

Popular South African Musician Dan Tshanda Dies.

The Legendary South African musician Dan Tshanda has died after a heart attack.

He suffered heart failure and was declared dead at Sandton Medclinic.

The news was confirmed by Dalom Music Record Company, which he was associated with for over 30 years as an artist and producer.

“He was rushed to hospital where he was certified dead upon arrival. The doctors confirmed that he passed on after a heart failure.”

Born in Chiawelo, Soweto, Dan Tshanda had to leave school at young age. When he was old enough to drive, he found work as a taxi driver.

Dan was one of the few bubblegum artists to become a highly successful businessman, both with his label and other ventures. He remained a popular drawcard both in South Africa and in neighbouring countries like Botswana and Zimbabwe.

Almost all the albums he has produced have gone gold or platinum. He was known internationally and has worked with global star Peter Gabriel.

He has sold more than a million records, sustaining his career for almost 30 years.