Zimbabwe: Beer Price Shoots Up By 25%

The Price of Lager Beers has Increased Significantly.

Zimbabwe’s largest brewer has increased the price of its lager beers by 25 percent citing an increase in local production costs.

Beer has been in short supply of late in the troubled southern African country battling massive shortages of basic commodities.

Delta Beverages, which was last week forced by government to reverse a decision to price its products in United States dollars, said the ever rising production costs necessitated the 25 percent review.

“The adjustment of the wholesale price is meant to cushion against the significant increases in local costs as confirmed by the official inflation statistics. It also addresses the value share with the retail partners,” Delta Beverages said in a statement.

A surrogate Bond Note currency introduced in 2016 to deal with cash shortages has also taken a fall in value against foreign currencies igniting calls for its scrapping.

Galloping inflation fueled by bad economics and poor governance has seen prices of basics and services skyrocketing beyond the reach of ordinary Zimbabweans.