Zimbabwe, Uganda and Tanzania Record High Cholera Fatality Rates

Cholera Alert.

Approximately, 1,681 cholera cases including 13 deaths have been reported in 7 out of the 21 countries in Eastern and Southern Africa Region (ESAR) with Zimbabwe, Uganda and Tanzania recording a high case fatality rate, according to a latest UN Children’s Fund report.

Other countries cited in the report include Burundi, Kenya and Somalia.

“Apart from Kenya, outbreaks from the rest of the countries spilled over from 2018. Kenya accounts for 51.3 % (863) of the total case load reported this year, followed by Somalia at 31.2% (524). Highest Case Fatality Rates (CFR) in 2019 have been recorded in Zimbabwe (6.2%), Uganda (5.7%) and Tanzania (2.9%),” the UN Children’s Fund said.

“Of the 7 countries with reported cholera / AWD outbreaks in ESAR since week 1 of 2019, 5 (Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Burundi) have ongoing cholera outbreaks. During the week under review, Somalia reported the highest number of new cases (61 cases).”

An analysis of cholera cases reported since the beginning of 2019 from Angola, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe reveals that overall, rural areas account for 81.6 % (872 cases) of the total caseload while urban areas account for the remaining 18.4% (197 cases).

All cases reported in Zimbabwe (65) and Tanzania (70) emerged from rural areas; while all cases reported in Uganda (53) and Angola (19) emerged from urban areas. 85.5% (737) of cases reported in Kenya emerged from rural areas and the remaining 14.5% (125) emerged from urban areas.