Deadly Landslides, Rainstorms Hit Malawi

Heavy rain caused flooding, roackslides and landslides in Malawi’s Northern Region.

Lilongwe: Malawi’s Rumphi district has been hit by landslides and rainstorms killing at least five people and injuring scores of others while a dozen others are reported missing.

The landslides followed prolonged rains that fell on Saturday, destroying public infrastructure such as houses and schools.

“A search and rescue team, which include the Malawi Defence Force, the Malawi Police Service and communities in Sub-T/A Chapinduka, has been deployed to the affected areas to speed up the search for the missing people,” Wilson Moleni, Malawi’s Secretary and Commissioner for Disaster Management Affairs (DoDMA) said.

In March, Cyclone Idai barrelled through the country killing dozens and displacing over 80 000 people.

“Government, through DoDMA, has also provided financial support towards funeral arrangements for the deceased. Furthermore, government has provided financial support to cover medical expenses for the injured,” he added.

Meanwhile, the department has dispatched basic relief items such as food and kitchen utensils to be distributed to the affected households while awaiting for a detailed assessment report.