Mozambique Faces Another Severe Tropical Storm

Flooding (Photo: Relief Web).

Mozambique is bracing for another storm brewing in the Indian Ocean, one that’s expected to hit Tanzania later this week.

Tropical Storm Kenneth is projected to come ashore near the Tanzania-Mozambique border on Thursday, bringing heavy rains and flash flooding.

In March, Mozambique was battered by Cyclone Idai, which inundated the country, forcing more than 77,000 people into shelters.

At least 800 people were killed in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi as a result of the storm and the floods that followed.

Relief Agency, Direct Relief announced is preparing a 20-pallet shipment for departure from the organization’s headquarters this week to assist those that might be affected by the cyl;one in Tanzania and Mozambique.

“The shipment contains approximately $3.4 million in medical aid, which will support the work of Health Alliance International, a local nonprofit working to strengthen health systems in the region,” Direct Relief said in a statement.

“Included in the shipment are more than 1 million defined daily doses of antibiotics, as well as essential medicines to manage chronic conditions like diabetes. Also included are oral rehydration salts, which will be used to help rehydrate people recovering from diseases like cholera.”

The latest shipment follows prior dispatches of medical aid to Mozambique and Malawi, which contained more than 200,000 defined daily doses of requested antibiotics, analgesics, oral rehydration solution, deworming medicines, and emergency medical supplies such as protective gear and soap to help curb the spread of cholera.