Zimbabwe Court Ruling Dethrones Chamisa From Party Leadership

Zimbabwe Main Opposition President Nelson Chamisa.

The High Court has ruled that the Movement for Democratic Change Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa is illegitimate, declaring his appointment null and void.

The ruling comes as a major blow to the popular politician, who seems to be enjoying massive support from his party structures ahead of the congress.

Chamisa was recently nominated by all 13 provinces of his party for Presidency.

Preparations for the main Congress are already at an advanced stage and 6 800 delegates are expected to attend.

The court ruling has ordered the MDC to hold an extraordinary congress within a month.

All appointments made by Chamisa are null were null and void, according to the ruling.

MDC Spokesperson, Jacob Mafume has said that his party ”fundamentally disagree with the judgement”.

”The choice of leaders of any political party, the world over is the sole preserve of the members of that party.”

”It can never be a judicial process. Equally, the actions, activities and programmes of a political party, being a voluntary organisation whose existence is protected by the Constitution, is the sole preserve of the members that party,” Mufume said in a statement.

The MDC has blamed the ruling party for ”the machinations and strategies being deployed by the Mnangagwa administration to destabilize and destroy the people’s project”.

David Coltart, a senior MDC official and lawyer, said the judge was interfering with the MDC’s internal processes.

“It will be appealed. This is what is called a brutum fulmen – ‘empty thunder’, an ineffective order. By the time the appeal is heard a duly constituted Congress of the MDC will have been held and Nelson Chamisa elected. It’s a pathetic interference with the due process of a party,” Coltart said.