Mozambique’s New Traffic Laws to Target Passengers

Mozambican Police (File Photo).

Maputo: MOZAMBIQUE has revealed plans to penalise passengers who board overloaded vehicles under a traffic regulations which come into force in August, reports said.

Transport and Communications ministry national director of Transport and Security Claudio Zunguze is quoted by @Verdade saying the fines fall under Decree 35/2019.

 “It is necessary to impress on passengers what it means to board a vehicle which is already full,” Zunguze is quoted saying.

According to the new regulations, fines for excess capacity are levied on the passenger in the amount of the cost of a ticket on the route for which the vehicle is licensed.

“Sometimes the exceeding of capacity is due to the request of the passenger himself, although this does not exempt the responsibility of the driver and /or the operator.

“Here, it is necessary to make a conjugation between the Traffic Code, which already provides for situations of over-filled vehicles, in a way which does not exempt the operator, and paragraph number 4 of Article 106, so that transport operation is in conformity.

“It is necessary to bring this awareness and responsibility of the passenger on what it means to board a vehicle that is already full, this will also wake up other users to the fact that the last passenger to board, exceeding the capacity, has to be held accountable.”

Source: A Verdade/Additional Reporting By AllNetAfrica