Global Rights Watch Petitions ICC to Hold South Africa Liable for Xenophobic Attacks

South Africa's President Cyril Ramaphosa.

The Global Amnesty Watch (London) has berated the South African Government over the poor handling of xenophobic attacks on African immigrants in the country, saying the International Criminal Court (ICC) must hold President Cyril Ramaphosa liable.

The group specifically blamed Ramaphosa, for his inaction over the killings of Nigerians and other nationals in the land.

The GAW encouraged such families and victims of the attacks to step forward to document their experiences, which would form the basis of the petition to be sent to the ICC.

“The response of the South African government, considering the history of xenophobia in that country, has not been encouraging; there is a lethargy on the part of the government in ordering law enforcement to arrest and prosecute offenders.

“To the extent that the South African government allowed the attacks to go on for so long without taking appreciable steps to stop them, we urge the ICC to hold President Cyril Ramaphosa vicariously liable for the failure of his country’s security agencies to rise up to their responsibility of protecting nationals of other countries who are in South Africa, ” the GAW, in a statement signed by John Tom Leva, Head of Africa Affairs.

“GAW calls on the AU and the United Nations to weigh in on the situation by imposing targeted sanctions on the specific persons that have responsibility for preventing the horrific events of this nature from happening but failed to prevent them. All African countries are by the same token advised severing all relations with South Africa until it demonstrates a stronger commitment to rein in the murderous population of its nationals. This should include a continent-wide boycott of South African products and services until the country, its government and nationals become responsible.

“The projection is that the situation will only grow worse over the coming years as South African grapples with their government’s bad choices and the laziness that has prevented them from thriving under the same conditions that migrants became prosperous.

“We sympathize with the families that have been bereaved, lost businesses or forced to flee their homes because of the attacks. We encourage such families and victims of the attacks to step forward to document their experiences, which would form the bases of the petition to be sent to the ICC.”