Renamo Denies Links to Attacks in Mozambique

Former Renamo Rebels (File Photo).

Ossufo Momade, president of the Mozambican National Resistance (Renamo), the main opposition party, has once again denied any link between the political force and his armed arm to the attacks in the centre of the country.

“If the Mozambican state allows the alligator to grow, it is no longer the responsibility of Ossufo Momade,” he said to journalists on Saturday in Quelimane.

The president of Renamo blames Mariano Nhongo, a leader who in June rebelled against the party, for organising the attacks, with a group of dissident guerrillas.

“When Nhongo came to the public to say that he would kill Ossufo Momade, everyone laughed,” the party leader said, adding that it is the defence and security forces who must deal with the threat.

Momade added that the Mozambican state has its services and they are responsibile for clarifying security issues.

Mariano Nhongo also denied conductingthe attacks in statements to STV television.

“I did not attack,” the leader of the dissident group said, adding that the people responsible are other armed Renamo men who are still on bases where they do not have anything to eat.

José Manteigas, the party’s spokesman, told Lusa on Thursday that Renamo is committed to the demilitarisation, disarmament and reintegration process – part of the 6 August peace agreement – and that its men are stationed in Gorongosa as part of the process.

Mozambique’s police once again blamed Renamo for the attacks, without distinguishing between dissidents or guerrillas linked to the political force.

Ten people have died in armed attacks against civilians and police targets in central Mozambique since August.

Source: Lusa