Angola: Suspicious Corona-virus Case Tests Negative


According to the Inspector General of Health, Miguel de Oliveira, the tests carried out in a reference laboratory in South Africa did not reveal any presence of the virus, which has already caused more than 250 deaths worldwide.

The patient was admitted to the Girassol clinic, in Luanda, on the 26th of January with symptoms of flu and high fevers, having been under observation for laboratory tests.

The first samples taken by the Angolan authorities already revealed a common flu, but a second health report was needed to dispel the suspicion.

The Chinese citizen entered the country on the 16th, coming from China, but on the 26th he felt bad and sought medical help, which resulted in hospitalization.

The patient was discharged last Saturday and with that it is  also dispelled rumours about his death.

This was the first suspected case of corona-virus in Angola and southern Africa.

Coronavirus is part of a vast family of viruses that include those that cause the common flu, but also Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).

The first symptoms are high fevers and cough, which can worsen to cause pneumonia.

The epicenter of this virus is the city of Wuhan, China, where it has caused several deaths.

Up-to-date data shows that a total of 15, 238 suspected cases and 9, 826 confirmed corona-viruses have already been registered worldwide.

WHO has already declared the epidemic a global public health emergency.

Source: Angop