#Coronavirus to Infect Majority of South Africans – Minister

The Coronavirus will likely infect over half of the population in South Africa.

South Africa’s Heath Minister Zweli Mkhize has projected that more than 60 percent of the population will likely contract the coronavirus.

Mkhize estimates that between 60%-70% of people in South Africa will contract the coronavirus, but only about 20% of those will be serious cases.

The number of positive cases will likely spike to over 200 by Friday morning, according to Minister Mkhize.

Tens of thousands of South Africans will need to be tested per day but the country’s daily testing capacity is only 5000.

Mkhize said the government will need to go out to poorer areas to monitor and test the most vulnerable people.

The number of confirmed Coronavirus cases in the country has jumped from 116 to 150.