#George Floyd Protests: U.S Calls Zimbabwe to Order Over Rights Abuses

Human Rights for all.

Harare: THE United States has urged President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government to end all state sponsored violence and to bring to book perpetrators of human rights abuses.

“I again urge Zimbabwe’s government to end state sponsored violence against peace protesters, civil society, labour leaders and members of the opposition in Zimbabwe and to hold accountable those responsible for human rights abuses.…” US Ambassador to Zimbabwe Brian Nichols.

Nichols said in a statement after a meeting with Foreign Affairs minister Sibusiso Moyo where he had been summoned to explain claims that Zimbabwe was America’s adversary.

US President Donald Trump’s national security advisor Robert O’Brien told the media that Zimbabwe alongside China and Iran were foreign advisories taking advantage of protests in America over the killing of a black man, George Floyd by a white policeman.

“Zimbabweans surely wonder when, after so many years, Patrick Nabanyama, Itaio Dzamara, and Paul Chizuze will get justice…” Nichols added.