Covid-19 Transmissions Accelerate in Madagascar

A market in Antananarivo, Madagascar.

The trend towards the peak continues in Antananarivo. Covid-19 positive cases are increasing considerably in the Capital with eighty-three (83) of the eighty-four (84) new cases announced yesterday by the Covid-19 Operational Command Center.

This record figure was recorded in Antananarivo on the single day of Monday. These eighty-four (184) new cases were detected on five hundred thirty-four (534) tests carried out.

Madagascar thus totals one thousand seven hundred and twenty-four (1,724) positive cases since the discovery of the virus in the country in March.

Even if the number of cases of recovery is still far behind that of contaminations, forty (40) patients were declared recovered yesterday. Twenty-four (24) people in the Atsinanana region, thirteen (13) in Antananarivo, two (2) in Taolagnaro and one (1) in Fianarantsoa.

People with Covid-19 who have recovered their health thus amount to seven hundred and thirty-two (732) out of the thousand seven hundred and twenty-four (1,724) contaminations, while the number of deaths officially declared is fifteen (15) throughout the Big Island during these three months of pandemic.

There are still nine hundred and seventy-eight (978) patients carrying the virus under treatment throughout Madagascar, eleven (11) of whom have the severe form of the disease.

Finally, between March 19 and June 21, Madagascar carried out nineteen twenty-seven (19,027) coronavirus screening tests.