Mozambique to Receive Baboons and Other Wild Animals

The Zambezi River
Marromeu National Park, Zambezi Delta, Mozambique

Maputo: MOZAMBIQUE is set to take delivery of over 3000 wild animals such as baboons from neighbouring countries in an effort to boost its dwindling wildlife populace.

“We are expecting the reintroduction of some 3,000 animals from neighbouring countries later this year,” said Mateus Muthemba, the director general of the Mozambique’s National Conservation Area Administration (ANAC).

“Also, some 2,000 animals would be transferred internally in order to repopulate reserves lacking certain species of animal.”

Muthemba noted that the introduction of new animals into Mozambican parks and reserves was part of a programme to replace wildlife killed during the civil war that ended in 1992 and by poachers.

Baboons, Elephants, buffaloes, lions, waterbucks, zebras and impalas are among the species involved.

Muthemba said ANAC had also intensified its fight against poaching, resulting in a decline in poaching activities.

“We have strengthened the protection of animals by intensifying surveillance, increasing the number of rangers, and using more sophisticated surveillance technologies, which taken together have contributed to a decline in poaching,” Muthemba said.

Source: Lusa