Netball: Zimbabwean Gems Outshine Zambia in Cape Town

Zimbabwe National Netball Coach Ropa Mutsauki (Second from Left).

The Zimbabwean Netball team has cruised past Zambia in a closely contested match played at Velodrome in Bellville, Cape Town.

Zimbabwe got an injury scare in the 3rd quarter when Australia-based Joyce Takaidza got a knock and was lifted off the pitch by the medics. The Zambians took advantage and launched a spirited comeback by closing the score margin to a single digit figure.

Joyce had to be re-thrown into the fray a few minutes later , in a strategic move which scuttled the Zambians’ play.

Zimbabwe won the game by 57 to 51 goals.

Zimbabwe had had a bad start to the Africa Netball Championships after they missed their first scheduled game against Uganda before losing significantly to South Africa.

From there, the Gems picked up themselves by elbowing all their opponents who include Lesotho and Zambia.

Now they face the Queens of Malawi in a match set to determine Zimbabwe’s ultimate position on the log.

Gems Coach Ropa Mutsauki is hopeful of victory in final encounter against Malawi but remains cautious since history between the two sides favours the Queens.

Mutsauki told Allnet Africa in Cape Town that the Gems lost their opening match due to fatigue and exhaustion.

Teams which are participating: South Africa, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Kenya, Zambia, Tanzania, South Africa, and Malawi.