Businesses Urged to Assist Starving Zimbabweans in Cape Town

Some of the groceries which have been sourced by volunteers.

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Close to 2000 Zimbabweans have raised alarm and are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance to pull through the Lock-down, volunteers mobilizing aid told Allnetafrica.

The Volunteers, working as Zimbabweans in Cape Town (ZIC), have warned that if the businesses do not intervene to save starving and desperate countrymen and women the situation will get out of hand.

One of the leaders of ZIC Moreboys Munetsi has challenged the business community to come forward with donations in cash and kind.

“There are many big companies that are successful because of the support from the Zimbabwean community in South Africa and we expect them help in times like this.”

“We are in the middle of a crisis and we are asking donations from all Zimbabwean companies and individuals,” Munetsi added.

During a live address on Zimbabwe in Cape Town Facebook page which has over 80 000 followers Munetsi thanked leaders of ZIC who are busy on the ground mobilizing and distributing donations.

“I am aware of ZIC leadership consisting of Willie Hussein, Frank Mushakavanhu, Linda Manyarara, Gibson Karimakuenda, Bra Stu, Regis Musavangane, Adrian Ruzane among others who are doing good job.”

Companies which have a strong presence and market share in Cape Town include Mama Money, Hello Paisa, Mukuru,, Kawena, ZimboGroceries, Nyaradzo, ZororoPhumulani, Chihwa Tours, Bra Stu driving school, Jimmy Jimalo, Moonlight, Munhenzvwa Buses, APACO, African Link ,TD transport and Kirsty Driving School.

The Plea comes at a time South Africa is grappling a run-away Covid-19 pandemic which has infected over 3000 people and killed more than 50 countrywide, making it a hot-spot in Africa.

South Africa has set a special Covid-19 Social Relief of Distress grant of R350 a month for the next 6 months will be paid to South Africans who are currently unemployed and do not receive any other form of social grant or UIF payment.

Millions of Zimbabweans who reside and work in South Africa do not qualify for social grants which are being handed out by the South African Government to its vulnerable citizens.

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For any donations please contact + 27 84 238 6842  or Deposit to:

Agape Woman Empowerment

Account Nummber: 271630434

Branch Code: 051001