South Africa: Zimbabweans, Refugees to Get Govt Covid-19 Grant

Women queuing outside the refugee reception office in Cape Town. (Photo Credit: IRIN )

A South African High Court in Pretoria has ruled that refugees and asylum seekers, Zimbabweans included, should be considered for COVID-19 Social Relief Distress Grant.

Asylum seekers and special permit holders are now legible to apply for the for the grant of R350 a month.

Judge Selby Baqwa said people who hold asylum-seeker and special permit status in South Africa, whose documents were valid at the start of the National State of Disaster, may apply for the SRD grant.

Applicants will need to provide their documents.

Like any other person, they are also subject to SASSA’s eligibility criteria: they cannot be receiving an income, any other form of grant, or any economic relief from the Unemployment Insurance Fund.

A lot of Zimbabweans in South Africa who relied heavily on the hospitality industry and Uber, have been hit hard by the effects of the on-going lock-down with many opening up illegal market stalls in the townships to eke a living.