Madagascar Starts Clinical Trials for Potential Covid-19 Drug

Madagscar President Rajoelina.

Fano Rosala: The first results of the clinical trial on the third treatment protocol for Covid-19, which is an injectable combination of Artesunate (derived from artemisia) with vitamin C, will be expected in 15 days, says Andry Rajoelina, yesterday, at the Voara village in Andohatapenaka during the inauguration of the Covid-19 medical center (CMC). The clinical trial of this injectable drug started officially yesterday.

”  People infected with Covid-19 who have symptoms but do not develop the severe form of the disease can undergo the clinical trial, with their consent. For seven days, the patient receives treatment. If it is not confirmed negative by two consecutive tests, it must undergo health surveillance for three weeks at the CMC  ”, according to the explanations of Dr. Rianasoambolanoro Rakotosaona, member of the scientific committee of this clinical trial, during his interview yesterday on television.

”  This clinical trial respects the clinical research protocol ,  reassures Dr Arsène Ratsimbarisoa, another member of the scientific committee. After consultation between Malagasy scientists and foreigners, it would have received the approval of the ethics committee and registered with the Pan African Clinical Trials Registry (PATCR), he continues. The trial aims to assess the effectiveness of artesunate IV alone or in combination with vitamin C IV for the treatment of Covid-19, according to a document posted on the PACTR website.

“  In this clinical trial, we are collaborating with foreign scientists from Mauritius, Thailand and the United States, using already existing drugs. Madagascar is the first African country to conduct a clinical trial on a third treatment protocol  , “Andry Rajoelina announced proudly yesterday.