China: Zimbabwean Doctor Pens Inspirational Book

Dr Mejury Chipato's New Book.

“I wanted to alert people about their purpose in life. It is not impossible”

Dr Mejury Chipato, a medical Practitioner practising in China is a walking testimony of a poor Zimbabwean girl who originates from a very humble background and fought against all odds to attain a glittering career abroad.

She now holds a Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology and is currently pursuing her Masters in Microbiology.

Dr Mejury Chipato

In writing her book ‘I am in charge of my narrative‘, Dr Chipato says she “want to employ the specificity and nuance of my own life narrative to give context and motivate people who have experienced similar hardship by serving as a grounded and relatable point of reference”.

She hails from rural Zaka, a tiny township South of the Capital Harare, but nonetheless rose above life’s dire circumstances to realise her dreams.

“I wrote this book because of the journey I had to go through; the journey I am still on. A journey with (multifaceted)aspects people can (hopefully) relate to”.

I am in charge of my narrative’ is a story of a young lady from a ghetto of Mbare in Harare, Zimbabwe who, against all odds, rises above life’s circumstances and challenges to realize her dreams.

In her own words, and through the lens of her perspective and the uniqueness of her story, we are at once enraptured by her tale of resilience and her journey of becoming.

She not only boldly affirms that “My background does not define me,” her very life also lends credence to the credibility of her words.

This is not merely a story about a young lady who realizes her potential and sets herself on a track to fulfill her dreams against all odds, it is the snapshot of a life well lived that lends itself to the betterment of society and the selfless upliftment of others.

This is the memoir of a Medical Doctor, a Microbiologist, a Businesswoman, a Entrepreneur, a Philanthropist and above all a young woman whose very life boldly affirms that, “I am in charge of my narrative.”

The book is available on Amazon, In Zimbabwe and in China.