Deadly Storm Ana Hits Mozambique

Storm Ana Leaves a Trail of Destruction.

Tropical storm Ana has killed two people in the province of Manica, central Mozambique, bringing the total number of deaths to four, the authorities said in a preliminary statement on Tuesday.

One of the victims died after one of the walls of his house collapsed in the early hours of this morning, said Borges Viagem, spokesman for the National Institute for Disaster Management (INGD), without giving the causes of death.

According to the authorities, at least 40 families were affected by the gales and heavy rain in the area and dozens of houses were also destroyed, most of them precarious constructions, the spokesman said.

On Monday, the storm caused at least two deaths when a mother and daughter were swept away by the rising waters of the Licungo river in Mocuba, Zambezia, also in central Mozambique.

In total, the storm caused four deaths, 66 injuries, affected 771 families, or 3,870 people, and totally and partially destroyed 661 houses, 16 classrooms and a hospital, according to an INGD assessment sent to Lusa.

The storm has weakened and turned into a depression, but the danger of flooding remains, the French weather centre on the island of RĂ©union announced on Tuesday.